Super Small Homes With Sleek Interior Styling (Plus Floor Plans Under 30 Sqm)

Super small and characterised by sleek interior styling, these two modern apartment designs truly master their very limited 30 square metre footprints. Made-to-measure furniture makes perhaps the biggest impact on these small spaces, providing solutions that not only hide away life’s luggage, but make visually enlarging contributions with bright white and mirrored finishes. Bedrooms are tackled in two entirely different ways in each space, with one compact side layout, and another Murphy bed solution for the lounge. The kitchens in each home feel surprisingly spacious, luxurious even, with added dining peninsulas and slick decorative touches. Study detailed floor plans at the end of each tour for more inspo.

Designer: JD Architects  

Green accents invigorate the white living room of this clean compact 28 square metre apartment in Gdansk, Poland. A bottle green accent chair is completed by mint splashed artwork, and green shelf inserts around the room.

Wall cabinets above the sofa form a connective element with the neighbouring kitchen. This seamless connection affords both areas a strong presence in the space.

A clean white finish unites the storage elements in the room, which also brightly pushes out the walls to make the compact space feel larger and lighter. An indoor plant thrives by a balcony door, which is the room’s sole source of sunlight.

Mirrored doors create the illusion of extended floor area.

A linear suspension light elongates the look of a small dining peninsula on the side of the kitchen. A wooden countertop gives the dining area a unique look from the rest of the white installation.

Camouflaging white doors conceal the kitchen shelves when cooking is not in action, to instantly clean up the multipurpose room.

A decorative tower of open kitchen shelving is complemented by green framed kitchen bar stools and a saturated green entryway.

The underside of the dining peninsula has been left open to let the line of flooring flow and visually expand the room.

On the other side of the mirrored doorway, we find ourselves in the bedroom.

A green bedroom workspace breaks up the sleek white decor.

Bookshelves cut into the end of the wardrobe wall, starting off a ripple of green accent handles along their length.

A green radiator cover lets heat out of vents in its top to allow the bed to be pushed flush against the wall.

An alarm clock and bedside lamp utilises the radiator cover’s solid side as a bedside table. The piece flows straight into a narrow green bookcase at one end to form one fluid line.

The bedroom is a minimalist pale grey solution with modern perimeter lighting.

A single green vase brings in the home’s accent colour.

Apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: Simple Forms Interiors  

Our next tour takes place in a private residence located in Moscow, Russia. A different vibe grows in this 30 square metre interior, born from snug furniture under rich brown and warm grey colourways. Glass walls draw across two sides of the living room, sandwiching a small sofa at its centre.

A Murphy bed drops down in place of the sofa after dark. Lounge side tables become bedside cabinets.

The fluffy deep pile rug suits both of the cosy room functions, and lays down a soft track between adjoined spaces.

On the other side of the lounge/bedroom combo, an enclosed balcony contains a dressing table and a single futon.

The lightweight round coffee table is easily moved aside for the room transformation.

The kitchen layout tracks around in a shallow C-shape, which opens to the lounge when the glass doors are drawn back.

The glass divides share natural light all the way to the back of the narrow apartment.

Wooden tv wall decor matches the kitchen’s upper cabinets, creating one cohesive visual.

Black framework around the doors establishes clear divides in the apartment space when the panels are shut–despite their clear panes.

Modern kitchen bar stools stand in a light reflecting mirrored hallway. The stools’ black colourway balances out the integrated oven opposite.

A pegboard wall provides additional shelving and wall hook options going into the home entryway.

The mirrored walls hide away a generous amount of closet space.

Wine storage slots into the end of the upper kitchen cabinets, making them an easy grab from the dining peninsula.

A grey vanity stool makes a neat companion for the custom-made dressing table. A recessed bookshelf slots in beside the vanity mirror for a decorative touch.

At the other side of the enclosed balcony, a comfortable futon warms the grey space with its burnt orange upholstery. A vase of orange flowers accentuates the chair’s accent colour.

Decorative and useful shelving units are used to break up a run of storage in the home entryway too, where sleek grey cabinets meet attractive wood grain.

The bathroom is accessed from the entryway of the apartment, through a frameless door that disappears into colour coordinated grey walls.

Black track lights push through the apartment, guiding the way in.

Inside the small bathroom design, a unique bathroom sink stands out from the rest of the grey wall decor on a smooth wood tone vanity.

Wood effect tiles clad the back of the bathtub and shower wet zone, and continue across a concealed toilet cistern wall. Grey concrete tiles create cool intervals.

The apartment floor plan better illustrates the linear flow of living areas, and the good amount of storage on offer within secretive cabinetry.

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