Building Warm Luxe With Brown Accent Decor & Stunning Natural Stone

Stunning natural stone elements and rich brown accents construct a luxurious 210 square metre apartment interior, located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Designed by Chub Architects, this is a space that’s set to wow all who visit with its unabashed use of expensive materials and its free flowing layout. Wood slatted room dividers and window shutters instil a transparency into the home that hardly wavers. Almost every area is viewable by another, whether that be a stylish ensuite bathroom, a lavish dressing room, or an open ended modern kitchen design. Get the full lowdown with the detailed floor plan at the end of the apartment tour.

The living room is an elegant contemporary arrangement, with linear modern sofas and a cluster of low level coffee tables. Light granite slabs with large chunks of quartz nudge at the edges of the minimalist scheme, adding compact but luxurious focal points.

Tan accents add warmth to the pale grey and white room decor.

Modern wall shelves make a striking black criss-cross design across a plain living room wall.

Tan scatter cushions on the sofas complement a designer lounge chair across the room. A small side table and a unique lamp complete the reading area.

A console table is worked into the bookcase to create one cohesive wall of stylish storage.

The coffee table set can also be reconfigured to serve as handy end tables.

A large eye catching granite panel provides the showcase piece for the living room, right in the centre spot.

The floating granite slab conceals a secret TV, which is revealed by smoothly sliding the glorious panel aside.

Tiny track lights highlight the ribbed backboard of the TV mount wall.

At the back of the living room dining room combo, a modern dining set sits lightly in the scheme.

A pair of jet black dining pendant lights give the area some tonal oomph.

A granite clad niche echoes the outline of the rectangle dining table.

Decorative vases cluster in a chic black and white table centrepiece.

Cinnamon seat pads tie in with the warm brown accents that sprinkle the neighbouring lounge.

A dividing wall solidly splits the kitchen from the dining room and lounge, though walkways remain open on either side of it. A kitchen island fills the centre of the generously sized room.

Tall larder units and oven housing are set back into the deep dividing wall.

Wood slatted shades draw across all of the tall windows in the living spaces.

Stainless steel stem pendants streak down to the kitchen island, balancing out the modern kitchen faucet at the other end.

On a smaller scale, unique salt and pepper shakers seem to mirror the side by side arrangement of the vertical pendants. Nothing else complicates a stunning white and grey marble wall, which is more like a piece of art than a backsplash.

In the master suite, a cognac headboard warmly disrupts an all white bedroom scheme. The black bedroom pendant lights that flank each side of the platform bed are a smaller take on the cone pendants used in the dining area. Ribbed white wall panelling harks back to the living room’s TV wall too. The homogeneity of silhouette and textures create one fluid mood throughout the home.

A bench seat pulls the cognac accent out of the bedframe and into the floor space. Books stack at one end of the seat to make it a multifunctional piece in the minimalist layout.

A Fia carafe tops a boxy bedside table.

Great glass doors open up to give access to a spectacular ensuite.

The luxury bathroom is also the entryway to a dressing room. Wood slatted doors are set at either end of the ensuite, with backlit garnet rails and shelves gleaming from within.

Glamorous white marble swirls across the walls of the vanity area, and inside the showers wet zone. A small side table displays select toiletries inside the large enclosure.

A more rustic side table adds a natural wooden accent over by the freestanding bathtub.

The timber table makes an ideal accompaniment to a set of wood slatted window shutters behind the tub.

Inside the dressing room, a marble makeup table floats against a floor to ceiling marble panel. A designer vanity stool makes a shapely addition to the glam station.

A huge slab of granite greets you at the door of bedroom number two.

The granite boundary is split in the middle to make way for a wood slatted section and some light sharing. Natural light filters through into a dressing area on the other side of the sleep space. The bedside light is the String Lights Cone Pendant by Flos.

The bedside unit drops in a casual rustic crate aesthetic.

An Eames bird hops to work over a floating desk.

More wood slats create a light sharing screen between the bedroom’s workspace and an ensuite bathroom. A low level bathroom vanity boosts a unique basin design.

The favoured cone pendant silhouette has been dropped in the home entryway, to be replaced by a spherical piece in the same black colourway.

A smart pouf brings in the brown accent thread.

The granite decor element makes up a lavish entryway table, which seems to be missing a headphone stand.

The guest bathroom just off the entryway is awash with glorious granite. Modern wall sconces are mounted on white vertical slats.

A neat shower enclosure squeezes into the narrow layout.

A wall hung toilet increases visible floor space.

The floor plan gives us access to the full scale glory of the master suite, with its huge shower and extensive walk-in wardrobe.

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