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Contemporary Chinese Home With Courtyard & Glass Bottom Pool

February 25, 2021 HD Staff 0

Mild and modern, this peaceful contemporary Chinese home design creates a canvas for enriched living. Visualised by Shexia Space Design, this is a space where crisp and sleek aesthetics come face to face with the imperfect beauty of Wabi-sabi elements, and merge with the softness of the natural world. An indoor courtyard brings trees to […]

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Brutalist Japanese Lake House

August 17, 2020 HD Staff 0

This amazing 640 square metre lakeside guesthouse is a brutalist masterpiece by architects Nikken Sekkei, located in Japan. The concrete house was designed to unfold as a continuous spiral that would reveal more of the changing lakeside view with each step taken. It’s not only the magnificent view that envelops this lake house, but the […]

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Nomadic Style Trend Meets Cool Industrial Backdrops

May 8, 2020 HD Staff 0

The Nomadic style trend is a chilled, eclectic style based in creamy neutral tones, with warm natural timber and rattan elements. In this inspirational trio of home tours, we find this trend mixed with cool concrete backdrops that are more closely synonymous with the industrial chic genre. The combo of earthy accents and eclectic furniture […]

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Eastern Influenced Minimalist Interiors In Shades Of Grey and Green

November 25, 2019 HD Staff 0

Think Shōji doors and screens, rock gardens and bonsai trees, and you’ll be taken down the beautiful path of Asian inspired interiors. Eastern influenced decor works melodically with a modern minimalist vibe, to create homes that feel peaceful, centred, clean and clear. An affinity with nature shines through in this style of home interior too, […]

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Minimalist Doctors’ House With Courtyard And Koi Pond

October 10, 2019 HD Staff 0

Designed to be home to a pair of doctors and their new born baby, this place was created in a way that would best serve the very limited family time available to the owners, under their serious work constraints. Architects at Greenbox Design considered how the residents could share family spaces with the utmost comfort […]

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3 Modern Minimalist Homes with Chinese Design Elements

September 26, 2019 HD Staff 0

Modern minimalism is moving into Chinese markets faster than ever. The growth of this movement offers a unique chance to see two very distinct styles intersect – vibrant design traditions interpreted through the keen lens of contemporary frameworks. This post explores three home interior concepts by prolific designers based in China, each one blending subtle […]

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2 Unique and Unconventional Home Layouts

September 23, 2019 HD Staff 0

We visit two unique and unconventional home layouts today, each created by Indot Design. An initial minimalist aesthetic is apparent, but there is much more to these two interiors than simply serene decor. We’re met with a creative split level living room in home number one, which achieves a feeling of extra space, before a […]

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Asian Style Interiors Spliced With Sumptuous Deep Green And Teal Accents

September 4, 2019 HD Staff 0

Today we are touring three Asian style interiors, each spliced together with some sumptuous deep green and teal coloured elements. Industrial contemporary, suave and sophisticated, to the more traditional at heart, this trio of tours bring inspiration from all different angles. The first is a unique interior where a custom-made concrete bed and linked sofa […]

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Modern Interiors Flavoured With Chic Asian Decor

July 24, 2019 HD Staff 0

Modern, Asian, chic decor shapes this collection of four beautiful home interiors. Each use subtle hues and light wood tones to colour inviting yet cool and airy living spaces. These are modern, somewhat minimalist interiors, but it’s subtle Asian influences that give them their interesting though quiet personality. Find beautiful Buddhist altars, stunning Shōji screens […]

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Minimalist Chinese Home With A Covered Courtyard

April 25, 2019 HD Staff 0

Polished concrete, natural timber and wood ribbed walls build this minimalist Chinese home interior, visualised by Zeng Shunsheng. If you are a fan of fuss-free, clean and easy living, then this fresh home tour should leave you with the sense of calm you crave. There is also a cool industrial style vibe running through, created […]