Run AutoCad on Mac via Parallels Desktop

SOme Mac users have been lookin for how to run AutoCad on Mac.. here is my video that show you that it works pretty fine on my Macbook pro via Parallels Desktop.. And i got all of it for free.. First you gotta download this Trrent files from this link: (it is for parallels desktop) Or for somebody who doesnt know about torrent. you can download the downloader called Transmission from this link: and the last one is you have to download autocad from its official website. and how to crack it, ask me.. i will help to generate ur serial number for autocad for you.. 🙂


  1. @poisonsm buy thes mac verision. I run it and the mac verision of AutoDesk products run better on a mac then ever. I rock a imac 27 inch i5 8 GB ram

  2. Hi man!.. i need help, (sry about my english) i just buy an imac, and i need autocad for my wife, i downloaded parallel, windows 7, an autocad, it looks cool untill now, but autocad is just tooo slow!.. a creat my virtual machine with 1 GB ram..
    do i need create 1 with more!? Ram is my problem!? =(

  3. hey. i’m wondering if i can run autocad on windows via parallelsdsktop and save the files i’ll produce in mac’s directorys, so i can import those files on sketchup, using only mac then.

  4. lollll
    make a render first.
    draw in 3d.
    that´s not a great help to see a virtual machine.
    the most powerful function in autocad that goes for your real or virtual hardware is rendering, is 3d, understand??
    this doesn´t learn nothing.

  5. man i need your help!! i installed the parallels desktop and when i try to open the windows say insert the CD.
    what i need to do? Help me please!

  6. hey dude,,its nice,,im planning to buy new laptop but must be compatible with’s nice to know that on mac i can use autocad,,tnx for the video

  7. I have installed Windows via Bootcamp on my macbook pro, then I heard about Parallels
    and I installed it…
    But when I start Windows thru Parallels, Autocad requests the serial number, and it also happens with 3dsMax, so I have to put on a serial number everytime I run Windows…
    How can I solve this problem?
    Have you ever got this kind of troubles?

  8. i know this works fine with the small drawing you did there but how about heave 3D models? does it still run smooth?

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