1. autocad publisher sucks a bag of dicks. so does sheet set manager. when is autodesk gonna give some batch plotting capabilities that actually work?

  2. Can anyone tell me what command author used in time 5:12, i can’t understand neither read from screen (because of quality)

  3. This is really awesome. I’m primarily a Pro/E user but it’s not great IMO for ship layouts and such. We have a new job that I’ll be using AutoCAD, and the customer stipulates you must use paperspace layouts. I had no idea how to use them.

  4. The video has merit but uses typed commands for layer freezing where express tools would have been better. The video also has a few inaccuracies that can be overlooked. The video was best for its use of page setup.

  5. great tutorial. There are dozens of “how to draw a line” videos on here…. please!

    This one actually has value.

  6. Great job! I find that I also run into many customers who do not use AutoCAD Layouts properly. Very nice quick video guide.

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