Four Different Approaches To The Minimalist Interior Style

When we think of the minimalist style, we think of clean simplicity and crisp lines. For sure these characteristics embody the minimalist way, but there is more than one way to crack an egg. These four home designs each explore an entirely different approach to minimalism in interiors, offering takes on abstract Russian minimalism, brutalist inspired spaces, mid century vibes and cutting edge modernity. We look at the use of shading within neutral spaces too, exploring a palette with deep tonal accents and black anchors, the contrast of concrete against natural timber elements, zoning with rich brown intervals, and ethereal white surrounds with the lightest whisper of grey.

Designer: Inga Harisova  
Visualizer: Nikolay Limanskiy  

Displaying links with Suprematism, this example of Russian minimalism uses abstract shape to construct a stylised modern living space. If you like this look, then be sure to check out this modern take on soviet minimalism too.

Designer lounge furniture gains due attention in simple surroundings. Decor items are pared back to only what is useful for sitting, lighting, or providing a surface to set things down on.

The only exception to the utilitarian rule of this room is a single decorative wall mirror. The organic shaped glass makes a tinted reflection of the wall light over the leather sofa.

Sheer white voiles softly diffuse sunlight from huge windows.

A chic reading area is fashioned with a chestnut accent lounge chair, shapely floor lamp and a small side table with a freshly filled water carafe.

The modern fireplace sweeps into view like a piece of sculptural abstract art. A groove splits the face of the unique chimney breast, slicing down to the narrow opening.

Earthy brown tones continue into the dining room, where a modern wooden dining table is paired with a set of contemporary brown dining chairs.

An accent chair and floor lamp elegantly furnish the corner of the dining room, along with a piece of textured wall art.

A minimalist dining room light contorts into an asymmetrical cross above the table.

The kitchen unfolds at one side of the room to make a complete entertaining space.

Bespoke wooden cabinets fill in a niche with useful storage space, which allows the minimalist room to remain perfectly clear.

The rectangle dining table is positioned to benefit from natural light at the tall window.

Glass modern fruit bowls reflect the daylight.

Wooden base units unite the one wall kitchen with the dining area, creating one cohesive and warm aesthetic.

Visualizer: Darya Litvinovich  

In Minsk, Belarus, our second featured home displays more of a brutalist vibe.

White concrete floods the floors and builds the walls of this space. Highly modern furniture stands in block-like silhouettes, as though carved from concrete too.

The modern sofa forms a two-sided arrangement. It’s monolithic base juts out from beneath the cushions to form a wide side table.

An extraordinary sculptural dining room chandelier commands the open plan room, hanging a seemingly impossibly large form in the centre of the kitchen.

With one side of the sofa facing toward the kitchen diner, its reverse side faces toward a bedroom that is revealed from behind a portiere.

In the minimalist bedroom, a spherical tension pole lamp complements the dining room’s unique chandelier.

Visualizer: Mohamed Mousa  

The Cumulus apartment is a 160 square metre home in Mivida, Cairo, Egypt. Brown accent colours and distinctive silhouettes give this space mid-century vibes. A curved back sofa is joined by curvaceous chairs, a round coffee table and wall art with a circular motif.

The dark looped legs of the round coffee table stand prominently against a pale area rug.

The floor melds lightly into the walls of the room, which are topped with classic crown molding.

Flos 2097 30 LED dining room chandelier dominates a dark dining setup in the open plan.

The round pedestal dining table forms a black pool under the dramatic chandelier, encircled by matt black dining chairs.

Colour is unwelcome in the galley kitchen, where simple handle-free cabinets line up in clean quietude.

Caramel bedcovers enrich a light grey and white decor scheme. Wood bedside tables and tonal artwork extend the brown accent.

A winged bedstead has great presence in the second double bedroom, framed by dark drawer units and black bedside table lamps.

Vertical tiles add interest to a white wetroom. An eye-catching black showerhead empties over a freestanding bathtub.

Visualizer: Eugene Shkilnyuk  

Our final tour takes place in a modern minimalist home that’s decorated with the softest whisper of grey on white. The modern sofa bridges the tonal gap between white wall decor and a smokey area rug.

A grey throw and matching scatter cushions cosy up the sofa’s linear silhouette.

Light furniture and bare walls create an ethereal living room dining room combo.

A frameless interior door disappears in the plain white TV wall.

Smooth grey laminate flooring creates a tranquil base for the scheme.

A tray table is integrated into the sofa design, putting it right between the cushions and keeping the floor space clear.

Behind the lounge, an oversized dining room pendant light crowns a large dining island.

Minimalist kitchen cabinets set out a clean white arrangement at the back of the room, separated from the home entryway by a shallow room divide.

A floating entryway shelf extends across a custom cut mirror on one side, and the end of the marble clad kitchen island on the other to create seamless flow.

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