AutoCAD LT 2010 Tutorial – Dimensioning

This is an AutoCAD LT 2010 tutorial of how to dimension your drawings. There are tips on setting up your scale, baseline dimensioning, aligned dimensioning and more. For more software tutorials, check out This tutorial is designed for beginners that are new to AutoCAD LT and is a follow-up to my last tutorial of how to get started drawing in AutoCAD.


  1. autocadfree-dwg.blogspot dot com << here you can find all kind of blocks and drawngs for AutoCAD 2010

  2. Bonjour
    Merci pour votre tutoriel, c’est très clair et pédagogique.

    Thank you for your tutorial is very clear and educational.

  3. @redguitarredshirt

    1. Why would you come here if you DON’T have it?
    2. What you are asking for is illegal.
    3. He’s not going to give you a license worth hundreds of dollars.
    4. OBVIOUSLY he has it, considering this is a tutorial on it?
    5. You didn’t watch the video, due to reason number 4.

    Good day, sir. I hope you leave and never come back to infest YouTube again.

  4. doin it from the heart, slowly but surely, excellent. whatever your name is you are a legend. sme more please..

  5. @wallc777 i need one… im studying Acad 2010 this month. i think it would help if i could get software of this program. thanks!

  6. hey dude, how to make multidimension, like asociating multi lines and plus and make one dimension ???

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