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The BloomingTable Has A Built-In Cacti And Succulent Planter

July 23, 2019 Erin 0

A group of designers and nature lovers have come together to launch their latest creation, the BloomingTables, a modern table design that incorporates a planter. The functional ‘living table’ with its minimalist design, allows users to easily grow plants in their home, while also maximizing their space, and creating a glass table top to showcase […]

The Zen Stone Collection by Apiwat Chitapanya

November 27, 2018 Erin 0

  Designer Apiwat Chitapanya has created the Zen Stone Collection, that includes a sofa set, a side table, and a screen. The collection was designed for Thai furniture brand Masaya, and was inspired by stones in a Zen garden, where the stones are considered to be the soul of the garden.   The chairs have round […]

Chulan Kwak’s Furniture Designs Are Inspired By Chinese Cursive Brush-Writing

June 12, 2018 Erin 0

  Korean designer Chulan Kwak has designed a modern chair and table, that were inspired by Caoshu, Chinese cursive brush-writing. Taking inspiration from the flowing forms of calligraphy, the designer translated the lines of the characters into 3-dimensional shapes, that would then evolve into a table and a chair.   In order to realize the […]

Rainer Mutsch Has Designed A Furniture Collection From Milled Marble

April 25, 2017 Erin 0

Photography by Breitwieser   Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch has designed a collection of furniture made entirely out of marble for the manufacturer Breitwieser Stone.   Photography by Breitwieser The Aeon Collection is made up three pieces, an almost 10 foot long dining table, a bookshelf and wall-shelves in various lengths. Photography by Breitwieser Each piece in the […]