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CHINGU Restaurant / Worc Arquitectos

December 1, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

It’s a restaurant that opens its doors in the Condesa neighborhood, designed by the Mexican firm WORC, whose concept arises from recreating the authentic flavors of Seoul’s street food in Mexico City. It is a space that serves as a stage for friends to share, immersing visitors in Korean culture through design and gastronomy. Upon entering, a red neon sign welcomes diners with the inscription “KDMX AUTHENTIC STREET FOOD,” inviting them to experience a space where a small lobby, long tables, and a kitchen island and restrooms for the restaurant are located.

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Keeng Seafood Restaurant / BambuBuild

November 14, 2023 Pilar Caballero 0

Located in the center of Long Thanh, an animated town that is rapidly growing because there is a most important international airport project in southern Vietnam that is under construction. The restaurant complex consists of conference halls, private dining rooms, a kitchen, a toilet, and a bamboo hall.  The bamboo hall stands out with its lightly curved boat-shaped thatched roof, supported by bamboo structures resembling nipa palms, a popular riverside plant in south Vietnam.

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Jack Le Coq Restaurant / XY Contemporary Interior Design Office

November 11, 2023 Valeria Silva 0

For the Quebec Fast Food Chain “Jack Le Coq” (French for “Jack the Rooster”), the Interior Design Firm XY CONTEMPORARY took inspiration from the restaurant’s owner, Jack Gaspo. Jack’s creative direction for the design team at XY Contemporary was to draw inspiration from typical 50s diners and infuse it with modern decor elements, not typically attributed to color.

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AÚNA Restaurant / MRD Arquitectos

November 7, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

From Aunar comes this concept, a space designed to gather, connect, enjoy, and live memorable moments. The collaboration and empathy between architecture and gastronomy were born intangible from its conception, marking common values; the countryside, honesty, humility, and simplicity of the raw materials, the craftsmanship, and the warmth of home. Local integration and global coherence propose the luxury of its spatial quality and the atmosphere it offers. A space that is free of pretensions and unnecessary ornaments and coatings. The project was a collaboration of architects, designers, landscapers, illuminators, artists, artisans, cooks, ceramists, and photographers, all of Mexican origin.

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Pavilion ∞ / Atelier Lai

October 31, 2023 Pilar Caballero 0

” Pavilion ∞” is located in a village in the hilly area of western Zhejiang Province. The village sits halfway up the mountain and has good views on all sides when you look far. Most of the houses in the village had been renovated into residential hostels, so a restaurant and reception space were needed. This Pavilion is the first building to be seen when get into the village, it is rebuilt from a native private house. The first floor is adjacent to the road, and serves as the reception area of the village and the kitchen logistics area; while the second floor has a wide view and would be a good spot for a restaurant. The back of the pavilion is close to the bamboo forest and in front of the natural landscape. So how should this architecture be among the natural landscape? It’s a question that design is required to answer.

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Expat Roasters / WHAstudio

October 28, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

Situated on a narrow plot, this four-story project faces a unique challenge with its 6m x 25m façade stretching 31m deep. Conventional architectural typology would rely on artificial lighting, but the essence of a successful coffee shop – abundant natural light and easy horizontal flow – contradicts this notion. The coffee shop is envisioned as a place for extended stays, blending socializing, work, and dining, thus demanding a warmly inviting ambiance.

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Gastro Circuit / one-aftr

October 28, 2023 Hadir Al Koshta 0

Gastro Circuit is a crafted private kitchen studio designed to cater to groups of up to 12 guests, featuring a dynamic lineup of rotating chefs. Upon entering, patrons are greeted by a dimly lit corridor adorned with custom-made square wooden tiles. Midway through the corridor, waist-level long and short windows offer a glimpse into the space that awaits.

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Slowyard BBQ Restaurant & Bar / Indiesalon

October 27, 2023 Hana Abdel 0

Slow Yard: A Fresh Perspective on Texas BBQ – Located in the heart of South Korea’s Hapjeong-dong, the ‘Slowyard’ Texas BBQ restaurant is a new creation born from the innovative spirit of Indiesalon. The term “Texas BBQ” alone evokes images of families gathering in backyards, grilling meat over charcoal fires, scenes commonly seen in TV shows and films. Indiesalon set out to introduce the Texas BBQ culture to a country dominated by apartment living, creating a unique space where people could experience it.

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Dosan Precision Restaurant / Indiesalon

October 25, 2023 Hana Abdel 0

Dosan Precision explores the subtle connection between a precision factory and a dining bar, drawing inspiration from this combination to create a unique space. This connection can be found in how small components complete a machine’s motion and how small ingredients complete a dish, emphasizing the shared values of engineers and chefs.