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Inside the Innovative Design of a 186 Sqm Apartment in Kyiv

September 27, 2023 HD Staff 0

Nestled within the urban Podilskyi district of Kyiv, Ukraine, we find a remarkable 186-square-meter apartment transformation, visualized by One More Buro. Crafted with meticulous care and an eye for innovation, this exceptional space seamlessly integrates comfort, functionality, and aesthetic brilliance. At the heart of the project was the task of accommodating the couple’s professional demands, […]

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Curvy Decor Concepts That Exude Modern Elegance

September 25, 2023 HD Staff 0

The marriage of curvaceous silhouettes with modern interior design aesthetics has emerged as a captivating trend. Like strokes of an artist’s brush, these curvy decor concepts transcend the ordinary, ushering in an era where spaces don’t just look beautiful – they evoke emotions and exude cozy elegance. In this exploration, we delve into two harmonious […]

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Luxury Homes That Gleam With Smooth Sophistication

September 22, 2023 HD Staff 0

Emanating an air of extravagance, these two modern home designs weave together interior design innovation and sumptuous comfort. Contemporary furniture design comes together with calming neutral colors to conjure a look of peaceful opulence. The first inspirational residence features an impressive double-height living space and a mezzanine that marries spatial grandeur with artistic finesse. The […]

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Enviable Modern Interiors with Rustic Undertones

September 15, 2023 HD Staff 0

These two awe-inspiring compositions effortlessly intertwine modern aesthetics with the comforting embrace of rustic elements, setting a fresh benchmark for enviable living spaces. Our first featured home embraces a natural aesthetic with a harmonious blend of rich wood, tactile stone, and lush indoor plants, creating a captivating ambiance that flows seamlessly into the character-filled bedroom […]

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Comparing Neutral Interiors: Japandi Minimalism vs Modern Rustic

August 31, 2023 HD Staff 0

Neutral interiors offer a calm canvas for creating harmonious living experiences. In this article, we compare the merits of two distinct neutral decor styles, which offer opposing yet equally captivating aesthetics. Our first featured home design explores a Japandi minimalist vibe, using soothing simplicity and clean lines to create a sense of spaciousness. Our second […]

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Strong Colors and Graphic Shapes Create an Impactful Interior

August 17, 2023 HD Staff 0

This striking 85-square-meter apartment is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Designed by ater.architects for a young family with a child, it features an open living area with a kitchen-dining space, a welcoming hallway, two bathrooms, and a private sleeping zone. Bright white surfaces, bold accents, and simple shapes create a graphic, eye-catching aesthetic. Ukrainian artwork infuses […]

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Uncovering Unique Surprises in a High-End Modern Home Interior

August 9, 2023 HD Staff 0

Get ready for a compelling adventure through this high-end modern home interior, which is dappled with surprising elements at every turn. Visualized by ZEWORKROOM Studio, this inspiring home design features a large, open-plan living space where neutral decor sets the stage for standout components that add character, fun, and intrigue. A contemporary staircase and a […]

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Modern Rustic Bahamian Home with Serene Water Courtyard

July 12, 2023 HD Staff 0

Experience a seamless fusion of contemporary elegance and rustic charm in this remarkable modern home in the Bahamas, designed by architects Sivak+Partners. Embracing the essence of a country house, this 6200 sq ft home has a welcoming warmth. The interior is decorated with natural wood, stone, marble, decorative plaster, and thoughtfully curated elements that harmonize […]

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Breaking the Mold of Mundanity With Unique Accent Pieces

June 21, 2023 HD Staff 0

Modernity can easily meld into mundanity. Fashionable spaces that follow trends can all end up looking the same: the same color palette, the same motifs, and the same ideas. But, what if you loosen off the ropes and let a little bit of personality shine through? How about veering off the beaten track, even just […]

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Airy Interiors Styled With Standout Furniture & Wall Treatments

June 8, 2023 HD Staff 0

Standout furniture and unique wall treatments add uber-stylish moments to these five airy home interiors. Layouts are succinct and practical but fascinating silhouettes create a feast for the eyes. Amongst this set of five inspirational spaces, we’ll take a look at a rippling TV wall treatment that morphs into a sculptural form. There are sliding […]