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Rooftop Prim / PRODUCTORA

February 18, 2021 Clara Ott 0

The project is located on the rooftop of an early twentieth-century palace where cultural and festive events are held, in the center of Mexico City. In order to prevent the occasional rains to interrupt the activities organized in the courtyards, the owner of the property required to cover the three existing patios. Instead of making three independent interventions, we generated one single proposal: a continuous roof structure, measuring more than 50 meters in length, connecting the patios in a straight line, and generating new covered surfaces in between the patios. The structure consists of 45 lightweight metal trusses, each 1.2 m apart, dividing the weight evenly over the existing construction and accentuating rhythm and perspective along the roof. The triangular roof section is designed asymmetrically so that one side could incorporate a covered circulation.

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Boudoir Babylon Café / Adam Nathaniel Furman + Sibling Architecture

February 17, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

This project, by Adam Nathaniel Furman and Sibling Architecture, transforms NGV’s Gallery Kitchen for NGV Triennial 2020 by drawing inspiration from three spatial typologies – the boudoir, the salon, and the club – to challenge and rethink norms of how people come together and socialise. The existing cafe is transformed with ludicrously vibrant scenography that plays with the appearance of how people gather and socialise. At the centre, a column becomes a circular catwalk. For those not prepared to strut, modesty screens, with bodily motifs, ruptures divisions between dinners, including as these modesty screens can be rearranged in the space. The oculi, or peepholes, provide a moment to peer through to a queer world.

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Rotating Triumf Arch / KATARSIS ab

February 9, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

The district of Kolomna, where many of Dostoevsky’s novels are set, is one of the oldest — and, probably, the most distinctive — in St. Petersburg. The Nikolsky Rows is a brilliant example of a gostiny dvor, a very distinctive Russian building type combining a shopping arcade and an inner courtyard used as an open market and storage and maintenance area. The building fell into disrepair and was then restored. However, until the present day, it failed to become an active city space in its own right. The former arcade now houses a hotel, while the market courtyard remained inaccessible to the public. We created a small architectural landmark to trigger the return to life for this historically vibrant location.

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Face, Pool, Two Towers and Ruin Installation / Paradigma Ariadné

February 8, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

Modernist housing estates are rejected, just as the Haszkovó housing estate in the city of Veszprém, Hungary. Their stories are understood as the stories of failed urban developments, they are grey, sad, and soulless. Can something be soulless and grey which gives home to 20.000 inhabitants? Instead of letting our prejudices drive our view on modernist housing estates, is that possible to reconsider our relationships and think about them as “real cities” and to complete them with creative ideas?

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V&A Bags: Inside Out Exhibition / Studio MUTT

January 26, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

Bags: Inside Out at the V&A is the UK’s most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the ultimate accessory. Curated by Dr. Lucia Savi and designed by Studio MUTT, with graphic design by Heather Whitbread at V&A Design Studio, and lighting by Studio ZNA, the exhibition features 300 items from designer handbags to despatch boxes, vanity cases to military rucksacks and explores our longstanding fascination with the bag.

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Bambow Suspended Flying Bridge / Atelier LAI

January 7, 2021 罗靖琳 - Jinglin Luo 0

Here & Now
Two years ago, Atelier LAI constructed a bridge in an old village in Huizhou, named “Suspended Flying Bridge” for it spanning the two ends of the bank and hanging above the river. The material is taken from the local bamboo. The design utilized modern structural knowledge and picturesque conceptions to bring out the resilience of bamboo, showing a tectonic scenario of the countryside. Here and now, the material and the technique are interwoven into an organic and self-contained object.

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Gongbech Untouchable Heart / SF LAB

December 22, 2020 Hana Abdel 0

The site is located at the furthest reaches of Dongbok-ri, a beach town on the northeastern side of Jeju-do. On a hill near the shoreline, where the wind blows so often that the trees and grasses are growing sideways, parallel to the ground, two blocks of warehouses stand indifferent to their surrounding landscape. When I first came to see the ruins of what used to be a cold storage unit constructed in 1982, I was consumed by the feeling of loneliness emanating throughout this site. When the inevitable question arose during a revitalization project — that is, ‘what will you leave and what will you make anew’ — I wanted to cling on to the emotions prompted in me by the ruins. I also believed that a newly established narrative from this architecture would allow me to reexperience the ruins again as a new medium.

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Proto-Habitat / Wald.City

November 12, 2020 Valeria Silva 0

Proto Habitat is a 1.1 prototype, which is developed as a live experimentation project alongside one-year research at the French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici about new forms of housing. It’s a 100% local timber prefabricated construction, fully dismountable within few days. It is a 60 sqm unit offering flexible space suitable for living and working, designed following criteria of privacy and intimacy rather than functions. The 60 sqm based-unit is expandable to different sizes depending on urban or rural contexts, from individual housing to collective and vibrant buildings.