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Ten built-in beds that are embedded into the fabric of the building

August 12, 2023 Alice Laycock 0

From mattresses on concrete bases to beds encased within timber surrounds, this lookbook rounds up ten single, double and day beds that have been built into interiors. Some designers choose to integrate beds into the building’s wider structure to create cohesion throughout interiors, eliminating the need to add matching furniture. Built-in beds are often seen

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Eight bedrooms featuring regal four-poster beds

March 25, 2023 Nat Barker 0

There’s no symbol of luxury more universal than the four-poster bed. In this lookbook, we select eight bedrooms elevated by their presence. Beds with vertical columns in each corner supporting an upper panel date back to the medieval period. Originally built with wraparound curtains to keep out the cold and provide privacy, they have historically

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40 Large Bedroom Design Ideas That Make Dreams Come True

February 15, 2023 HD Staff 0

A crazy day at the office, awkward social situations, and family woes all make us long for our beds, where we can pull up the covers and hide away. Sanctuary can be extended far beyond the sheets though. A large bedroom can provide a whole host of possibilities for unwinding: a place to lounge and […]

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51 White Bed Frames to Brighten Your Bedroom Decor

November 29, 2022 HD Staff 0

White bed frames are a fantastic option for those who like to experiment with different bedding sets and bedroom decor themes – white goes well with so many different palettes. In this post, we’ve collected our favorite white bed frames from across the web. Go glam with a bed frame upholstered in white faux leather, […]

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51 Canopy Beds for Dreamy Bedroom Design Inspiration

November 22, 2022 HD Staff 0

Nothing makes a bed feel cozier than a charming canopy setup. In this post, we’ve collected our favorite canopy beds that feature a connected four-poster layout that can be used with or without canopy curtains. Canopy beds are a great way to make an oversized bedroom feel more intimate, to block out distractions in a […]

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51 Bedroom Design Ideas That Are Sweeter Than Dreams

October 28, 2022 HD Staff 0

A dreamy bedroom decor scheme is on everyone’s wishlist. However, as the private quarters of the home, the bedroom is often the last place to get a much-needed makeover. To help you on your way to creating the bedroom of your dreams, we’ve put together a wide selection of 51 bedroom designs. This large collection […]

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51 Tufted Beds for a Comfort-Centric Bedroom Transformation

August 9, 2022 HD Staff 0

Nothing is more alluring than a cozy bed at the end of a long day, especially if that bed looks just as comfortable as it feels. Upholstery always offers an instant style upgrade, but plush tufting takes the cozy aesthetic to a whole new level. In this post, we’ve collected a wide variety of tufted […]

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51 Upholstered Headboards to Give Your Bedroom a Big Comfort Upgrade

August 2, 2022 HD Staff 0

What could be better than winding down the day with a great book, snuggled up against a plush upholstered headboard? But the advantages of an upholstered headboard don’t just stop with comfort. Headboards occupy an especially prominent placement within most bedrooms which means that a new headboard can completely change the look of your space […]