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40 Mid Century Modern Bedrooms That Exude Retro Charm

July 26, 2023 HD Staff 0

Design a sanctuary that has retro charm using our curated collection of 40 mid-century modern bedroom ideas. These captivating spaces effortlessly transport you back in time, celebrating the enduring allure of this iconic design era. From sleek furniture and nature-infused schemes to vibrant color palettes, each bedroom exudes a distinct sense of nostalgia. Discover minimalist […]

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Custom Bunk Beds Were Designed For This Jungle-Themed Kid’s Bedroom

July 2, 2023 Erin 0

Interior design firm Britt White Studio has shared photos of a jungle-themed kid’s bedroom they designed as part of an overall penthouse project. The room was designed for two brothers, aged 7 and 9, who worked directly with the designers for the creation of their shared room, which includes a bunk bed with stairs. All […]

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This Bedroom With A Partial Glass Floor Looks Down To The Living Room Below

March 28, 2023 Erin 0

Fenda Arquitetura has shared photos of their project, a modern one-bedroom apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that features a partial glass floor in the bedroom. The apartment has been designed with the living space on the lower floor, while the bedroom is located upstairs. One interesting design element in the bedroom is the inclusion of […]

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40 Large Bedroom Design Ideas That Make Dreams Come True

February 15, 2023 HD Staff 0

A crazy day at the office, awkward social situations, and family woes all make us long for our beds, where we can pull up the covers and hide away. Sanctuary can be extended far beyond the sheets though. A large bedroom can provide a whole host of possibilities for unwinding: a place to lounge and […]

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Curtains Are Used To Create A Bedroom In This Small Apartment

December 23, 2022 Erin 0

Bruno Kim Arquitetura has shared their latest project, the renovation of a small apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The apartment, which measures 495 square feet (46m2), was remodeled to be open-plan, with only the bathroom being in a separate room. An interesting feature of the apartment is the bedroom, which can be separated from the […]

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40 Mezzanine Bedroom Ideas With Tips To Help You Design Yours

December 5, 2022 HD Staff 0

When floor space is limited but ceilings are high, a mezzanine level is a perfect way to extend usable living space. Since headroom is often restricted in mezzanine rooms, it’s sensible to give your platform a purpose that doesn’t require a generous ceiling height. This limitation is not a problem in a room where you […]

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Placing The Desk Behind The Bed Creates A Workspace And Headboard

November 24, 2022 Erin 0

Nikos Adrianopoulos Architecture & Lighting has designed the Cave Suites Milos, that’s located in Plaka, Greece. The rooms have a bed that’s centrally located within the room, with a sofa built-in along the wall. The bed’s wood headboard extends at the top to become a desk, creating a separate space for getting work done. Behind […]

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51 Bedroom Design Ideas That Are Sweeter Than Dreams

October 28, 2022 HD Staff 0

A dreamy bedroom decor scheme is on everyone’s wishlist. However, as the private quarters of the home, the bedroom is often the last place to get a much-needed makeover. To help you on your way to creating the bedroom of your dreams, we’ve put together a wide selection of 51 bedroom designs. This large collection […]

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18 Wood Accent Wall Ideas For A Bedroom

July 6, 2022 Erin 0

If you need some design inspiration, we’ve put together these wood accent wall ideas for a bedroom to get you thinking about what you could do with the space you’re working with. Most of these ideas are fairly simple to make as a DIY project, or you could find a local woodworker to have them […]