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Dwellings, Nursery and Emergency Shelter / MUOTO

May 27, 2020 Andreas Luco 0

The project responds to the challenge of combining three different programs into one composite building that stretches along Rue Stendhal in the North-East part of Paris. The building stands in dialogue with a large patch of grass covering two water tanks. To orient the courtyard, balconies, and dwelling spaces relative to the sun; the project opens fully to the inside of the green space nearby.

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Lorentz Leiden Residential Building / Neutelings Riedijk Architects

May 26, 2020 Andreas Luco 0

The first Phase of project Lorentz at the station square in Leiden is completed and the new residents started moving in: an important step in the renewal of the Leiden station area. Lorentz Leiden consists of a composition of three light-colored towers of different heights on top of a plinth building. In Phase 1, the first two towers and plinth have now been realized. The towers have a slightly sparkling aluminium façade cladding; the highest tower in champagne color and the lower one in bronze. Both towers are crowned with two storey-high maisonettes that offer a splendid view on the city and far beyond.

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Aprop Ciutat Vella Emergency Housing / Straddle3 + Eulia Arkitektura + Yaiza Terré

May 25, 2020 Andreas Luco 0

Gentrification is cruel to the historical centres of cities. Living in a walkable, diverse and well-equipped neighbourhood is becoming a highly coveted luxury. It’s necessary to regulate the real estate market and mass tourism, to democratize access to housing in densely populated areas, in addition to multiplying its share of affordable housing, either public or cooperative. But, how to build housing in the developed centre if it is the place where the available space is more expensive and scarce? In a kind of urban dentistry, with what we call Tactical Housing, such as the APROP and ATRI strategies, cities are proposed to fill in the cavities of their built-up teeth. It understands vacant lots, properties that have not exhausted their buildability and even excessively large public spaces as places of opportunity to house residential units that, using modular prefabrication with criteria of urban, ecological and social sustainability, achieve faster execution that is more economic, fair and sustainable than conventional public housing.

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Griveo Building / Estudio NDG

May 22, 2020 Andreas Luco 0

The building is located in Villa Pueyrredón, neighborhood in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, on a plot of 8.66m in front and 50m deep. It consists of 24 divisible mono-room units and two patios that seek to integrate and enhance themselves with the spaces freed from neighboring buildings. The project faced the challenge of deepening the densification of the city in the context of a neighborhood of low houses and a tennis club in front.

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Theodora House / ADEPT

May 22, 2020 Valeria Silva 0

Customized brickwork merge history and now in ADEPTs new mixed-use complex. The historic Carlsberg Brewery site in Copenhagen has opened to the public to become part of the city  – and is now seriously embarking on the successful transformation to a dense urban neighbourhood of its own, the Carlsberg City.

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Longfellow Terraces / refresh*design

May 21, 2020 Paula Pintos 0

Longfellow Terraces are an example of what the often-discussed “Missing Middle” could look like in Brisbane – a sustainable infill-development for sensitive densification of inner-city suburbs. Inserting additional dwellings dwellings into existing infrastructure allows more people to enjoy the qualities of these precincts rather than adding to the urban sprawl.