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Arrive Nuñez Apartments / Israel & Teper Arquitectos

December 6, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

Arrive Nuñez is a building designed to revalue the arrival to each unit, prioritize the common spaces through landscape design, and make the arrival itself a concept. Although the project predates the pandemic, all the units were designed as houses within a complex, where expansions and relationships with open spaces are the protagonists. 

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Bard College Berlin Student Residences / Civilian Projects

December 5, 2023 Paula Pintos 0

Bard College Berlin has collaborated with development and project management firm DBI Projects and New York-based architecture and interiors studio Civilian to develop new student residences. Informed by Berlin’s rich architectural and design history, they help foster student living and learning in the artistic, political, and economic center of Europe. The residences are scheduled to open in September 2021 at the start of the new academic year when students from all over the world will reside at Bard College Berlin.

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Ductus coats blocky apartment complex with red plaster in Switzerland

December 4, 2023 Starr Charles 0

Architecture studio Ductus has designed an apartment complex coated with a monochrome red plaster facade into a sloping site in Schwarzenburg, Switzerland. Located on the outskirts of the village of Schwarzenburg in eastern Switzerland, the complex was designed by Ductus to have the appearance of a series of intersecting blocks of various heights that protrude

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Kaohsiung Social Housing / Mecanoo

December 4, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

In a groundbreaking initiative, Mecanoo, introduces a innovative social housing project in Kaohsiung, marking a significant milestone as the city’s inaugural venture into communal living solutions. This undertaking not only addresses the pressing need for affordable housing but places a unique emphasis on the role of collective spaces in enhancing the quality of life for its citizens. The housing complex in Kaohsiung hosts 245 units between 25 and 75 m2, designed for a large variety of users, from young couples to families with children, students, the elderly, or people with special needs.

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Palmeira Apartament / Studio Gameiro

December 2, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

This unique and singular story begins when our clients discover a hidden gem in the heart of Príncipe Real, one of the most desired and beautiful neighborhoods in Lisbon. What made this discovery truly exceptional was the balance between the art of a bygone era, preserving the exquisite craftsmanship of the late 19th century, and the incredible energy and determination with which they trusted us to do something new and original, returning to advance.

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RR Apartment / Nati Minas & Studio

November 30, 2023 Pilar Caballero 0

In this apartment located in Sao Paulo (Brazil), the fluid layout seems to make furniture with organic designs float through the integrated living space. This is how Natália Minas and Gabriela Mestriner conceived the project for Apartment RR, making extensive use of its original materials to create something entirely new.

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Element & Lingot Building / Studio Loes

November 30, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

“Build less, much less, but dense, valuable and durable!” writes the architect and building historian Vittorio Magnago Lumpugnani in his latest essay “Gegen Wegwerfarchitektur” (“Against Throwaway Architecture”). A plea that the architects of STUDIO LOES also endorse: Their ensemble “Element & Lingot” has been extending an existing residential building from the Wilhelminian and post-war periods with a garden house in the inner courtyard (“Element”) and four roof extensions on the existing buildings of the front and rear buildings (“Lingot”) since summer 2023.

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Furora Studio designs Kraków rental apartment Pops with “very sugary interior”

November 29, 2023 Jane Englefield 0

Bespoke scalloped edges and a Verner Panton S-Chair feature at the Pops holiday apartment in Kraków, which Furora Studio designed to be more playful than a permanent home. Named Pops after lollipops, the dwelling was conceived by Diana Żurek and Gutek Girek of Polish firm Furora Studio. “The project is a temporary apartment for anyone

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November 25, 2023 Hana Abdel 0

SARVESTAN is a medium-sized official project in the Pasdaran residential/official area of Tehran that has significant density and population in the residential area, which is changing from old residential units to official units. Therefore, in the near future, with the start of these projects, the population/traffic density of this area will increase. Also, the alleys of this area are very crowded due to their small width and urban development, which is full of 5-story and high-rise buildings and high traffic of cars.

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Parasite Habitat / Cherry Art Hub

November 25, 2023 Pilar Caballero 0

The  apartment  is  designed  for  two  people  as  a unique space with an embedded bedroom – this method is unique and consists of forming a new text inside the phrase we are used to.