Autodesk Announces AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD WS – Part 2 Recording of event announcing AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD WS for iPad and iPhone. Amar Hanspal, Senior Vice President, Platform Solutions and Emerging Business, and Carl Bass, CEO, discuss and demonstrate AutoCAD WS.


  1. Read the feedback and you’ll notice that all the critics have a nasty case of dysentry, FANTASTIC! I suggest they stop breathing and make way for the rest of us before they get run over by the shit they’re trying to push up hill. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..

  2. that guy using the ipad pisses me off. hes like jiggling the screen and not actually showing anything off.

  3. You’re kidding, right? This video is all words and hands waving around. How about showing us what the iPad app will do? I mean do something besides pan and zoom.

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