1. @allen71

    There is no AutoCAD Inventor, you mean Autodesk Inventor. Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor are two different programs where Autodesk is the company that produced those products.

  2. Excelente ejemplo de como dibujar en 3D con sólidos. Para mi no hay nada mejor que utilizar sólidos en los diseños 3D ya que son más manejables (se pueden hacer cortes y secciones reales).

    Además al utilizar sólidos, podemos llevar todo el dibujo en 3D a un dibujo real en 2D, visualmente “igual” que verlo en cualquier vista en 3D, y con el adicional de poder tener de forma automática la líneas ocultas en un layer separado, y así poder visualizarlas con linea de rayas (hidden).

    Claudio F.

  3. Fantastic tutorial – you have taught me so much in the space of 6 minutes!

    I have a 2D background with little experience in 3D other than theory and you have given me the confidence to go away and produce my own 3D models.

  4. Why don’t you try to learn CATIA, Inventor or some advanced modelling program ? Good luck to your new job, you own me a beer 😉

  5. believe me.. you´ve done this..
    tomorrou i´m going to start in a new job, where i,m going to modeling pipe in autocad.
    I´ve never done this before cause no one use autocad to modeling pipe. Its not a inteligent software for pipe. But.. i get this challenge. Tks

  6. friend.. could you help me?
    i´m traying to create a elbow.. using the same comands you used.
    but when i´m going to select the extrusion path to turn it into a polyline, the program said to me that the objets found was not according to UCS coordinates. so, i cant turn the lines and the fillet created into a polyline.
    sorry for my english.. did you understand me?

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