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Eight living rooms where low-slung furniture creates a casual lounge atmosphere

October 7, 2023 Amy Frearson 0

Low-back sofas and armchairs play a key role in our latest lookbook, which explores how low-slung furniture can make living rooms feel more relaxed and less formal. When lounge furniture sits low to the ground, it can make a big difference to the mood of the room. Low-back seats are typically more generous in width,

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51 Beige Sofas for Versatile Style and Comfort

April 25, 2023 HD Staff 0

A stylish beige sofa checks all the boxes if you want to set a versatile tone in the living room – beige is easy to coordinate, universally flattering, and it helps hide subtle blemishes better than other options. In this post, we’ve gathered together our favorite beige sofa picks from around the web so that […]

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51 Black Couches that Blend Comfort and Chic Visual Drama

March 28, 2023 HD Staff 0

Black couches make a bold visual statement while remaining pleasantly versatile. They capture attention, yet they also coordinate easily with any secondary color palette that you might want to pair them with. But this deep and dark upholstery color is wonderfully practical too. In family homes, a black sofa can easily stand up to spills […]

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51 Modern Sofas for a Comfortably Updated Living Space

February 21, 2023 HD Staff 0

A chic modern sofa is the perfect way to update your decor without making major changes. In this post, we’ve collected our favorite modern sofas in a wide range of themes sure to satisfy anyone looking for a smart style refresh. Here, you’ll find contemporary sofas in on-trend fabrics like velvet and boucle along with […]

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40 Black Couch Living Rooms With Tips To Help You Decorate Yours

November 23, 2022 HD Staff 0

A black couch living room can portray many different styles, each with their own ambience. A black sofa can be the dark contrast that anchors down an all-white living room, or meld moodily into an equally dark backdrop. This collection of 40 black couch living room designs comes along with hints and tips to help […]

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40 White Couch Living Room With Tips To Help You Decorate Yours

November 16, 2022 HD Staff 0

A sofa commonly dominates the aesthetic of a living room because it is the largest piece of furniture in the space. It can be overruled by feature walls and focal points, but ultimately, this is where our attention and our bodies are drawn to. A white couch can be both impactful and understated. A white […]

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40 Blue Couch Living Rooms With Tips And Ideas To Design Around The Color

August 17, 2022 HD Staff 0

Blue couches provide a hit of pzazz that can uplift even the dullest of living room design schemes. But why settle for just one great component? We’ve put together a collection of living room designs that will boldly complement a blue hero piece, from modern minimalist designs and industrial style spaces to cosy living rooms […]

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51 Gray Sofas to Serve as a Versatile Living Room Anchor

November 2, 2021 HD Staff 0

As a major anchor of any living room arrangement, a sofa can define your decorative possibilities – it’s crucial to select a sofa that can adapt to your decor as it changes over time. Gray sofas are a popular choice for this reason. It’s hard to go wrong with a neutral! What colors go with […]

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51 Sectional Sofas for Elegant and Functional Living Room Seating

June 22, 2021 HD Staff 0

Sectional sofas are a powerhouse of living space utility. These pieces offer expansive space for seating and stretching out yet, because they are packaged as multiple pieces, they are so much easier to move and setup than a single-piece sofa of a similar size. They’re also available in a dizzying array of formats – you […]