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Marche Thonglor / Contour Architect

September 14, 2023 Hana Abdel 0

Situated in the vibrant epicenter of Thonglor, one of Bangkok’s most illustrious avenues for modern lifestyle and nocturnal entertainment, Marche Thonglor has undergone a transformative evolution. Originally serving as the site of Marketplace Thonglor, a small community mall, the land lease expired after 15 years. Recognizing the opportunity, Siam Future Development, the project’s developer, decided to give the area a makeover. With Thonglor’s increasing popularity and a twofold increase in land value, it was the perfect time for a change. 

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Dive In Summer Pavilion / UAO Design

August 25, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

UAO’s New Design, Wuhan Tiandi “DIVE IN SUMMER”, Towards A Light Architecture! The site is not far from the Yangtze River and Hankou Beach. From the river surface to Xintiandi Commercial Street, the construction site happens to be on a node of great change from low to high.

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Gushan Fish Market / C.M. Chao Architect & Planners

June 16, 2023 Pilar Caballero 0

The base is the Gusan Fish Market, which is nearly 100 years old. In 1927, it was a fishing port and an important economic hub for local transportation, witnessing the most prosperous moment of Hamasen. However, the economic function of the fish market was gradually replaced by the booming offshore fishing industry. To revive the former glory of Gushan Fish Market, the design team demolished the dangerous buildings and improved the surrounding environment, transforming it into the Kaohsiung Agricultural and Fishery Products Exhibition and Sales Center. The imagery of boats and the sea are the features of the building, and the view outside the glass box-like building is a natural sea view.

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Oaxaca Gastronomic Center / ROOTSTUDIO

June 14, 2023 Benjamin Zapico 0

ROOTSTUDIO merges the architectural and gastronomic legacies of Oaxaca in its latest project. The viceregal architecture of the former convent of Carmen Alto is transformed to house the Gastronomic Center of Oaxaca, an educational and multidisciplinary space where culinary traditions and sustainability create a sensory experience.

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Abastos Market / Studio Metamorphosis

June 5, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

The Rehabilitation of the Abastos Market has been the metamorphosis of the center of the city of Tomelloso, a transformation that has returned vigor and synergy to what was the primitive point of the Manchegan city. The process of change has had as its main objective to build bridges between past and future, between culture and society. The goal has been the evolution of the space, improving physical and functional comfort and achieving a better quality of life for users and visitors.

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Targ Blonie Market / Aleksandra Wasilkowska Architectural Studio

May 1, 2023 Pilar Caballero 0

Food shapes our cities. How we eat and where we shop is crucial to the health and resilience of people and the entire ecosystem. The food and climate crises and deepening social stratification should push us towards solutions that shorten supply chains and facilitate fair access to healthy and inexpensive food. Bazaars offering local agricultural products strengthen the city’s resilience and equal opportunities for healthy and low-cost food for all social groups, strengthening micro-entrepreneurship and neighborly ties.

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Tainan Market / MVRDV

March 6, 2023 Paula Pintos 0

MVRDV has completed the construction of a new wholesale market for fruit and vegetables in Tainan. Already dubbed by Taiwan’s United Daily News as “the most beautiful fruit and vegetable market in Taiwan”, the open-air market not only serves as an important hub for Tainan’s food supply chain, but also as a destination for meeting, socializing, and taking in views of the surrounding landscape from the building’s accessible roof, thus promoting tourism in the region. In the future, the roof can be further developed, with the possibility to grow fruit and vegetables on top of the structure.